Attention: Women over 40



Get to the root

of what's keeping you stuck in your health and fitness so you can 

Thrive in the Menopause





Drop up to 25lbs, decrease body fat, increase muscle, improve bone density, reduce symptoms and get feeling like YOU again!


12 weeks and she's lost 28lbs, 14 inches, improved her strength and endurance. The aches and pains have decreased and her energy is up! And she has created manageable habits around her food and workouts that fit into her lifestyle and will allow her to continue on her weightloss journey!

Do these things sound familiar??

🚩 Feeling so fatigued, exhausted even

🚩 The weight has crept up, especially around the tummy

🚩 Aches and pains, making you feel older than you are

🚩 Hormonal fluctuations have you bouncing around

between overwhelm and snapping at people around you

🚩 Some days it's so hard to focus, the brain fog is REAL


Hi my name is Maia and I'm excited to show you how you can effectively reclaim your health, body and mind during the next 12 weeks in the Harmony - Mind & Body Program with my R4 Method!

Over the past 20 years, working as an Exercise Physiologist I've worked with countless women and helped them achieve their health and fitness goals. 


But after turning 40 a couple of years ago, going through a hysterectomy and struggling with peri-menopausal symptoms myself...I wanted to create a new type of program, one that addresses exercise, nutrition and mindset in a way that’s most effective during the Menopause Transition.

Unlike other 4 or 8 week programs, it’s not something you’ll just do for a few weeks and then end up falling back into your old patterns you were doing before. You’ll learn actual strategies and practical steps you can use to know how to fit exercise and nutrition into your life for the long term.


Are you ready to create a happier and healthier version

of you in the next 12 weeks?

Are You...


Struggling to lose weight and belly fat?

This program will help you get the weight to come off without crazy diets or unrealistic workout routines. Boost your lean tissue and discover balanced nutrition strategies to help you drop the fat so that it stays off!


Hormone fluctuations got you feeling stressed, overwhelmed by emotions and not like yourself?

Reduce and eliminate the hot flashes, clear the brain fog, improve the mood changes, and decrease the stress level to better manage your life!


Feeling fatigued, exhausted even?

Reclaim your energy and motivation to want to be active, able to enjoy the activities that make you happy and have the energy to spend time with family and friends!


Need flexibility with your workouts and nutrition?

This offers short, effective workouts with both HOME and GYM options to fit into YOUR busy life! And we take a balanced approach to your nutrition (no cutting out food groups, or eliminating certain foods).


Feel like you've tried everything and nothing is working?

With my program we take a new approach that addresses both exercise and nutrition in a way that's most effective during the menopause transition AND also addresses mindset! (the missing link)

What's Included and How it Works

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  • That this isn’t the end. Go from feeling trapped in a mind and body you don’t recognize to empowered and comfortable in your own skin.
  • Through appropriate workouts, guided nutrition and mindset work, create and develop new habits that will allow you to see results and maintain them long-term.
  • All delivered via the app through your own personalized dashboard.
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  • Regain strength, lean muscle and lose fat sustainably while boosting your focus and confidence.
  • 12 weeks of workouts and exercise (for home or gym) that's proven to be most effective to maximize your results during the menopause transition.
  • Nutritional guidance to help you learn a balanced approach to healthy eating. No more cutting out food groups, or extreme restriction.
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  • Clear brain fog, reduce hot flashes, step out of exhaustion and feel like yourself again.
  • Through focused workouts and balanced nutrition learn how to train and fuel your body as best as possible during this transition. And  support building lean muscle, dropping body fat, so that it stays off and decreasing or eliminating symptoms such as brain fog, hot flashes, night sweats, joint aches, fatigue, and stress
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  • Lean into this next phase of life as a new opportunity to decide who you want to be tomorrow.
  • Discover what drives and motivates you to want to live a healthy, active life. Understanding this will keep you going long-term.
  • Focus in on limiting beliefs and thought patterns and learn how to overcome these to move forward with confidence.
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  • Individual client dashboard on the app with personalized weekly schedule for daily habits: fitness, nutrition,  & mindset work.
  • Small changes are focused on each week to allow you to have success and create long lasting change.
  • Learn the strategies to create and implement new habits to help you reach your desired goals. 
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  • 1:1 Onboarding Call  
  • Weekly personal coaching calls with Maia over Zoom to ask questions, review the previous week, plan and structure your goals for the next week and get support with anything you’re struggling with
  • 1:1 Email and msg support to ask questions and receive feedback from Maia (7 days a week) 

Client Transformations

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“At the beginning of the program I felt huge, sluggish energy and a lot of brain fog. Also, my left leg was in intermittent pain when I walked.

But now, I have much better energy, brain fog is gone. My leg is no longer in pain and my motivation to keep exercising, walking, etc is at an all-time high!

One of the things I’m most pleased with is Stress Management. I’ve gone from being on the brink of burnout to being able to fully function at work.”

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“I feel MUCH better! Physically, I am stronger in the gym!!! I look less bulky and show a bit more muscle definition. Mentally, I am stronger too. Through my hard work in the gym every week, and pushing myself with personal bests, it has helped me in other areas of my life too. I feel like I am better able to handle every day stresses AND I feel like I could take on big challenges in my life.
I feel more confident in my body. I was able to wear a dress that I was ‘saving’ for when I felt good about myself. I was finally able to wear it with confidence!!!

Also, in general, I am sleeping better. And any women in her mid-life knows, getting a good night’s sleep is SO DIFFICULT. So I am very grateful for that. A good night’s sleep helps set me up to tackle the stress of the next day!!”

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"Before starting the program I was frustrated with my lack of strength and energy. I had had a few injuries, leg and knee, so it hurt to be active. I was eating a-lot of comfort food, and drinking too much alcohol. My confidence was low because I felt I looked fat and had to keep buying larger sized clothing. I had lost weight before, but this time I was living in a small town with no gym.

But now, I feel so much more confident, and stronger. I can keep up with my grandkids, and not embarrassed to wear summer clothing. I felt that I was in good hands. Maia helped me reach my goal in a slow but steady rate, that was liveable for my crazy life.”


Who is this program for?

βœ… Women who are going through Peri- and Post-Menopause and are looking for a way to improve their overall health, boost energy and feel amazing

βœ… You are looking for a long-term solution to losing the unwanted weight, build lean muscle to maintain strength, improve bone density and want to maintain it for years to come

βœ… You are tired of the quick fixes and yo-yo diets that never create lasting results

βœ… You are a busy person who is looking for a more sustainable approach to fitting in fitness & nutrition into your life

βœ… You are coachable and willing to put in some effort and time to see progress


Can I do this if I'm brand new to fitness?

βœ… YES, this program is suitable for women who are brand new to exercise and even if you've been exercising for years


What do you help people with?

βœ… Fitness and nutrition

βœ… Motivation and accountability

βœ… Mindset and overcoming barriers

βœ… Habit formation and implementation

βœ… Behaviour change

βœ… Ongoing support


What are the benefits?

βœ… Weight loss and more specifically fat loss

βœ… Building lean muscle and improving your overall strength

βœ… Improving your bone density, cardiovascular endurance and mobility

βœ… Increasing energy, reducing fatigue

βœ… Reducing or eliminating brain fog, hot flashes or night sweats, mood changes, sleep issues

βœ… Fit into your fav clothes 

βœ… Improve your confidence in all areas of your life - fitness, self-image, relationships, career

βœ… Feel motivated and energized to be active and do the things in your life that bring you joy

βœ… Improve your relationships - personal, friendships, work colleagues

βœ… Feel empowered and confident to move forward into this next phase of your life


How do I join?

βœ… Click the button below to fill out my application and book a call with me personally. 

βœ… It’s a casual chat just to see if my program is the right fit for you. There’s no risk in chatting, and even if this isn't a good fit for you, at least you'll walk away with a few tips that you can implement to help you get going on the right path.